Jul 31, 2009

VBS Sunday Finale

'Crocodile Dock' Vacation Bible School
Grand Finale Service, Sunday, July 26, 2009

Preparing for service....

The service begins with songs of praise from our VBS Kids

Skeeter Skeecrest begins the program
'Top Croc: The Search for the Most Fearless Friend"

Skeeter explains that the panel of judges will be looking for the
most fearless friend and urges folks to vote

The Judges: Snappy McTurtle (Wayne Sourbeck)
Coco Nutty Shrimp (Wanda Gabbert) and
Cranky Simon Crawfish (Kevin Godin)

The first contestant ....
"Cora Cobra' (Linda Sourbeck)
Cora's afraid of fire ....

and tries to put one out all by herself

The next contestant is
Tammy Campbell (Kelly McKee)
and she drinks a glass of tomato juice!

Snappy & Coco Nutty thinks she's done a wonderful job,
but Cranky Simon doesn't agree ...

Interspersed with the contestants acts of fearlessness,
the kids from Crocodile Dock VBS sing

The third contestant is Kimberly Brown (Becka Garland)

Kimberly bravely faces other kids in her lunchroom
(Tom Gabbert, Don Bolton & Kim Garland)
and bravely goes to sit with the new girl in school (Artie Wilkins)

Once again Snappy & Coco Nutty think Kimberly is wonderfully brave,
but Simon isn't all that impressed ... yet!

The kids from VBS sing once again as Simon begins to do
some soul searching

Contestant number four, Scott Freeman (Steve Hurst) tells
Skeeter of how his older brother used to scare him
at bedtime and how afraid he was

Scott's Mom (Camilla McKee) always came in to see if he was alright,
and when Scott knew Jesus was always with him, he wasn't afraid any longer!

Seeing Cranky Simon looking so upset, Skeeter goes
to see if he's alright

Simon tells Skeeter of how God has changed his heart
and begins to sing and praise the Lord with the VBS kids

Truly God has done a work in Simon's heart!

Everyone joins in rejoicing and thanking God for His mercy

Simon agrees to be the fifth contestant

His test is to be blindfolded and do what Skeeter tells him to do

Just as God never leaves us alone, Simon's friends come to
help Simon pass the test

Service ends with songs from our wonderful VBS Kids

Pastor Bill concludes the service by thanking Lynn Bolton
for her untiring work in putting this year's Vacation Bible School

We all offer our thanks to Lynn and her vision of having VBS
at Grace Bible Church this year.
We look forward to what next year's VBS will be!

Jul 30, 2009

The Message of Crocodile Dock
It was an amazing week at Grace Bible Church. Our auditorium and fellowship hall were transformed into Crocodile Dock, a great place for kids to learn about God's love for us in this world.

The daily Bible points that the children learned were:
#1. God is with us!
#2. God is powerful!
#3. God does what He says He will do!
#4. God gives us life!
#5. God cares for us!

Because these statements are true, the children were encouraged to "Fear Not!" In truth, our lives are often complicated and challenged and living in this century has as many challenges as previous centuries had. Ours are simply different challenges.

At the very root of our troubles and challenges is a problem that all of us have to deal with: the problem of sin. We were born with sin and frankly, on our own, we have no significant way of dealing with it.

Many of the actions of our lives reflect sin: putting ourselves first, instead of God; taking God's name in vain, not honoring our parents, perhaps in a fit of rage we have murderous thoughts about others; stealing; lying, and on and on it goes. These sins create an impenetrable wall between us and the God of heaven, the One who made us. Sin separates us from God.

Because of our impossible problem of sin, God in His incredible and perfect love, sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be born as a baby (Christmas) and live among us. Wicked hands would later kill the perfect and holy Jesus on a cruel Roman cross ( Good Friday); but because He was and is God, Jesus rose from the dead (Easter). The Bible also tells us that Jesus has now gone to heaven to be with the Father.

Because of Christ and the cross, God is loving and merciful to us and when we stop trying to work our way to heaven and trust in what Jesus did on our behalf, the Bible assures us that we are born again.

If the Spirit of God is working in your heart, encouraging you to put your trust in Jesus Christ, trust Him now! There is no time like the present to come to saving faith! And if He is working in your life, the Elders and Pastor Connell would be happy to pray with you for His direction and / or to talk about what He is doing in your life. Please let us know what's on your heart.

Bibles are also available if you'd like one to read and consider these truths for yourself. Please ask for one, we're happy to help you. You can see Pastor Bill or one of our Elders on Sunday or Wednesday or call the church office, 734-282-0115 for additional information.

May God richly bless you and yours.

Vacation Bible School - Workers

Jacque Sollars - Crew Leader

Kelly McKee & Beth Godin - Crew Leaders

Ken Kvasys, Linda & Wayne Sourbeck, Artie Wilkins
Kitchen Crew

Danny Toma - "Moses"

Camilla & Bob McKee - Nursery

Everett & Jacque Sollars, Kevin Godin

Danny Toma & James Connell - Bible Bayou

Jacque Sollars & Kevin Godin

Beth Godin - Crew Leader

Skeeter (Bill Wilkins) & Jeeter (Everett Sollars)

Linda & Wayne Sourbeck - Kitchen Crew

Bob & Camilla McKee - Nursery Crew

Artie Wilkins - Kitchen Crew

James Connell, Tom Gabbert, Don Bolton - Games

Sandy McGlassion - Crafts

Marissa McGlassion - Crafts

Craig McGlassion - Dockside Drive In