Aug 22, 2011

Jonathan Edwards

"When the True beauty and attraction of the holiness found in Divine things is discovered by the soul, a new world of perspectives is opened. The glory of all the perfections of God and of everything that pertains to him is revealed. A sense of the moral beauty of Divine things enables us to understand the sufficiency of Christ as Mediator. In this way the believer is led into the knowledge of the excellency of Christ's Person. The saints are then made aware of the preciousness of Christ's blood and of its sufficiency to atone for sin. On this depends the merit of His obedience, and sufficiency and prevalence of Christ's intercession. The beauty of the way of salvation by Christ is made manifest in all these ways. Thus all true experienced religion comes from this sense of spiritual beauty."

Jonathan Edwards

Sunday Bulletin, August 21

Aug 8, 2011

The King is in the Audience

"The King is in the Audience"

The scene is a theatre in England . The audience, chatting amiably, drifts to their seats. The orchestra, in starched shirts and tuxedos, is tuning its instruments. Stagehands scurry behind huge and heavy curtains, checking props and ropes, making last minute adjustments. Finally, the lights lower. At the top of the director’s baton the orchestra swings softly into a familiar overture. Suddenly, the orchestra is interrupted awkwardly in the middle of a musical phrase. A deathly silence follows as music sheets are quietly switched. Then comes the swelling strains of the national anthem. In the wings, the stage manager and the director run from actor to actor whispering excitedly, “Give it all you’ve got tonight! Play as you’ve never played before!” “Why?” the anxious question is asked. “Because,” comes the reply, “King George has just come in. The King is in the audience!”

The King of Kings and the Lord or Lords is always in the audience of our lives, and with us as we meet in congregations, whether that be two or twenty, on a Sunday or a Wednesday.  Because of this we must live life with all we’ve got; the best we’ve got. We must “play as we’ve never played before.”

Taken from:
"Daily Vitamins for Spiritual Growth – Fr. Anthony Coniaris"

Aug 6, 2011

Ladies Retreat

Ladies Retreat News

Good news! After years of being closed the Bonnymill Inn in Chesaning has re-opened and is ready for guests! Chesaning is about 120 miles from downriver.

This Inn is where we've held our Ladies Retreats for ten years and we're hoping to have a Ladies Retreat there this October 21 &  22.

A few changes have been made however. Our breakfast is not included in the room rate, but range in price from $5.00 - $8.00, plus drinks. Dinner menus range from $10.00 - $16.00.

The room rates, based on two women per room, range from $90.00 - $120. plus any taxes that apply.

The important thing is having enough interest to pursue having a retreat this Fall. If you are interested,  please sign up at the church by Sunday, August 14! I know this is short notice, but we really need to reserve the needed rooms quickly.

The photos above show the's a beautiful place to stay and become acquainted and/or re- acquainted with your fellow "Ladies of Grace."

Please contact Linda Sourbeck for further information.  Thank you!

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Birthdays this Month...

Abby Godin - August 7
Betty James - August 7
Landon King - August 13
Wanda Gabbert - August 13
Danny Toma - August 14
Bob Norman - August 16
Russell Forth - August 27
Evelyn Farris - August 29

Happy Anniversary to...

Joel & Marianne Ashby - August 31