May 28, 2009

Grace-ful Bag Ladies Ministries, 2009

There's a new ministry at Grace Bible Church - Grace-ful 'Bag Ladies'

In the photo above Linda Sourbeck & Camilla McKee show some of the pillow cases that have been embellished and donated to this ministry. These 'Traveling Bags' are actually pillow cases that will be given to women who are temporarily housed in shelters.

Due to conflicting Spring & Summer schedules, this ministry is currently home-based. You can work at your own pace, make the bags from a pattern, or simply embellish a pre-made pillow case. Please add a card no larger than 5"x6" with a Bible verse or words of encouragement to each pillow case. At the end of May, June & July, all bags will be collected by Linda Sourbeck and then given to Enchanted Makeovers (for further information on this outreach, go to ).

A pillow case may seem like such a small thing to those of us who have homes of our own, but to a woman who's in a shelter, they speak of God's love for them made visible through the hands of His people. Whether it is one or many, the 'Bags' will be very much appreciated.

Lazyman's Greek

Are you interested in learning Greek? The easy way?
Then there's a class designed just for you!

Gerald Morgan will be teaching an introductory study of New Testament Greek, called "Lazyman's Greek", at the Downriver Christian Library from mid-September to mid-October
There will be five Saturday classes, Sept. 19 - Oct. 17; 10:00 a.m - 11:30 a.m. The cost is $35.00 and prior study of Greek is not necessary to take the class.

For more information, contact Library Director Joann Bowman, 313-388-1748.

May 25, 2009

Memorial Day, 2009

Memorial Day, 2009

Did you know that only 28% of Americans know the meaning of this noble holiday? According to a Gallup Poll, it's true. Congress has established a National Moment of Remembrance and is asking that all Americans take time today to remember the men and women who have died in the service of our country. At 3:00 p.m. today, take a moment to stop and remember those who died. And remember that their sacrifice means we get to enjoy freedom and liberty in the United States of America. This is also a perfect opportunity to remember and pray for those who are serving in our Military forces today.

In the service at Grace Bible Church yesterday, Pastor Connell gave time so that two of our veterans could give voice to what Memorial Day means to them. Huston James read from Isaiah 6 and Clyde Moore read a short speech, noting that Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is as fitting today as it was when President Lincoln delivered it on Nov. 19, 1863.

To the veterans at Grace: Tom Gabbert, Huston James, Clyde Moore and Tom Royal, we say Thank You for serving and protecting this land we call America.

"I've heard it said that if someone remembers your name, and speaks it aloud, you're never really gone when you leave this earth."

Today let's take the time to remember and speak the names of those who died in the service of the United States.

May 24, 2009

Pastor's Sermon - May 24, 2009

Pastor Bill completed our study in the book of Acts today and his sermon title was "Rising Above Your Circumstances". If you missed it, go to and click on Multimedia, then Sermons and you'll find the message.

You'll gain a brand new perspective on 'under the circumstances'!

Prayer for the week of May 24, 2009

Praying for ...
Grace Bible Church Family of the week
Evelyn Farris

Missionary of the month
JoAnn Bowman, Director
Downriver Christian Library

May 21, 2009

Anderson High School Outreach, 2009

This is the fifth year that Grace Bible Church has provided a barbecue lunch
for the graduating seniors of Anderson High School.

Two of our cooks ... Wayne Sourbeck & Clyde Moore

The waiting line was long ...

but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Meeting this year's graduating seniors
only served to reinforce the need we have to pray for them;
their lives will soon take on brand new meaning as they leave
high school for college, trade schools, or perhaps the military.
We didn't get all their names, but thankfully God knows who they are.

Everett Sollars, Wayne Sourbeck & Rob Norman
Danny Toma & Clyde Moore

Many thanks to all those who volunteered their time, finances, supplies, food,
and most importantly, their prayers that this day would be one that glorified
the Lord as we provided this lunch in His Name for all the High School Graduates.

Our volunteers were: Bill & Artie Wilkins; Everett & Jacque Sollars; Sandy & Craig McGlassion; Bill Woelk & daughter Barbara; Pastor Bill, Nancy, Donny & James Connell; Bob & Camilla McKee; Frank Jensen; Wayne Sourbeck, Danny Toma, Joel Ashby; Lynn Bolton; Linda Gosline; Clyde & Louise Moore

May 18, 2009

Prayer for the week of May 18, 2009

Praying for...

Grace Bible Church Family of the week...
Edna Milburn & Family

Missionary of the Month
JoAnn Bowman , Director
Downriver Christian Library

May 11, 2009

V.B.S. - 2009

Coming soon to Grace Bible Church ....

Crocodile Dock Vacation Bible School

Dates: Monday - Friday, July 20 -24
Time: 6:00 - 8:50 p.m.

For more information please see Lynn Bolton or go to
to pre-register your child or grandchild

May 10, 2009

Prayer for the week of May 10, 2009

Praying for ...

Grace Bible Church family of the week ...
Stanley & Harmony Solgot & Family

Missionary of the Month
JoAnn Bowman
Director, Downriver Christian Library

"The mother, more than any other, affects the moral and spiritual part of the children's character. She is their constant companion and teacher in formative years. The child is ever imitating and assimilating the mother's nature. It is only in after-life that men gaze backward and behold how a mother's hand and heart of love molded their young lives and shaped their destiny."
-E.W. Caswell -

Happy Mother's Day from Grace Bible Church

May 5, 2009

Honoring Our Mothers

"My Mother The Saint"

I have many wonderful memories of my Mother growing up as a child and later as an adult, enjoying her company and friendship. My Mother had 11 children, losing her first born at the age of two, and later a son and the death of my Father at an early age. My Mom was always the happiest when she was around her family. She cared for her children like a mother hen watching over her chicks. She was a quiet and gentle spirit and didn't want anyone to make a fuss over her. While she had more than her share of struggles, she never lost her faith and her will to look at the blessings of life. She had a great sense of humor and a hardy laugh .. I can still hear her. On her 70th birthday we had a party for her in March and God blessed us with 75 degree weather. I have a picture of her opening her presents with her great granddaughter Kara sitting on her lap. The joy on her face and the "Son" shining from above will remain in my memory forever. At age 77, she went home to the Lord with that same gentle, loving, caring spirit! As a believer, she is a saint, but it's her lifes work that made her a saint in my heart.

Happy Heavenly Mother's Day Mom.
Love, your daughter forever,

There is a special Mom I'd like to honor on this day,
She is the greatest blessing God ever sent my way.

Her attributes are many, I couldn't even chart,
But it only took one look to attach her to my heart!

She is highly praised and honored by her three loving sons,
Her daughters-in-law are daughters, she loves them everyone one.

Her faith and trust in God is immeasurable, I have never seen it waiver,
It inspired all her family to put their faith & trust in Jesus Christ the Savior.

Now God has blessed us with five precious grandbabies that bring such glee,
There's Kara, Alexa, Jacob, Zoe and little Zachary.

Although I'm the Papa and I love to hug them on my knee,
My greatest joy when she comes in , is to hear them yell Mimi!

While she is a special Mom, who brought life's greatest blessings to me,
I'll love her forever & a day & then some, 'cause she's my darling wife Jacque.

Happy Mothers Day Mimi, from your loving family.
Forever yours, Everett

"My mother - Petrina Plaza, who is now 80 and still very active - was raised a Roman Catholic, as were all of her children. In the early to mid-1970's she heard some biblically-based teaching and was saved. One of her aunts, infuriated at this turn of events, sent her daughter to spy on my Mother's new church. She, in turn, was saved as well! She has constantly prayed for all of her 3 children. I remember how overjoyed she was when I told her of my experience with Christ so many years ago, too".
- Sam Plaza

"Of course I think my Mom is the best (and she is). Anyone who knows my Mom knows that she is a "behind the scenes" quiet force. She would do anything for anyone and doesn't want any thanks for it. I think that most people think my Dad is the strong one and he is strong, but my Mom is the strength behind his strength.I feel blessed and am honored to call her Mom. I could never in a million years thank her for all that she does and the strength that she gives me and my children!"
- Lisa Blevins

I thank the Lord for a Mom who cared so much for me that she encouraged me to learn the Scriptures as a child. My parents instilled in me a love to be with God's people, so I was there every time the doors were open.

My Mom went on to be with the Lord many years ago, but her point of view was brought home to me when my brother found out that I would be pastor at Grace Bible Church. His first response was to say how proud our Mom would be of this accomplishment.
- Pastor Bill

"Let me tell you about my Mom. She was 3 people in 1. She was a pastor's wife, a mother and my best friend. She passed away 19 years ago and I miss her more now then when she died. I have learned ( now in my old age ) that my Mom really did know a lot. The sad thing is that we, or I, learned this too late. So, if you are fortunate enough to still have your Mom, listen to her! Enjoy her! And thank God for making her special."
- Pat Grant