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We were blessed to have Dan and Laurie Fuller,
Missionaries to Thailand, with us on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014

After sharing with us in service this morning,
they joined us for a luncheon before they left.
We thank God for the work they are doing ...
a work that we help, by the grace of God,
with our contributions to their Mission's Work in Thailand.

We ask that you continue to pray for them, and for all
who serve the Lord in this way.

Our thanks to Joel Ashby for the photographs.

Missionary Dan Fuller, sharing in Sunday School
August 14, 2011

After Church Service, Dan, Laurie, Hannah and Camilla
answering questions about their life in Thailand

March, 2011
Fuller Facts Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

We first want to thank each and everyone of you who sent money in for our eyeglass project of Dong Noi. Here is a short report on how the money was used and the great turnout we had. All together we had 100 people show up for a chance to get a pair of glasses for 50 Baht, or $1.66. The actual cost of the glasses were 300 baht or $10.00. This was decided by the leadership of the village stating that if they were free-everyone, regardless of need, would come and sign up. They also limited it to only one person per household to be able to draw for the glasses. So we are thinking it is probably like 200 people or more who truly need glasses here in our village - this does not include the 400 kits at school where not a single child wears glasses. When we talked to the village leadership about the students they felt that the children would not need glasses due to their age and assumed good vision. We are hoping in the future to help educate them concerning those born with poor vision.

Wednesday  morning, 8:00am, folks all gathered at their headman's house and had the opportunity to draw to get a pair of glasses. It was fun to see the excited faces and hear the comments about how nice it will be to be able to read, to be able to thread a needle, to be able to see what they are weaving.

Each was given a chance to draw the winning numbers 1-27. Twenty three glasses were purchased with the money you sent with an additional four pairs from the collected baht fees. Those that drew the winning numbers of course went home smiling and quite content. Those that weren't so lucky were talking to others about their hope to one day be able to own a pair for themselves. We feel for these people. When we are with our neighbors we notice how they struggle to see. Not all simply have reading problems, many have never been able to enjoy the clarity of a beautiful flower, the trees, or the rest of God's creation.

Saturday, two eye doctors came and checked the eyes of the 27 people who drew for their glasses. I wish I could write all the reactions when they put the test glasses on them and things came into focus. Many talked of all the fine things they had never seen. One lady came up to me and talked about the hair on my arms - she was so excited. They were tested for both nearsighted and of course, far sighted.

After all were checked we were told they would make the glasses and bring them to the village when they were finished.

Today, 26 of the 27 people were able to come and pick up their glasses! Some of these folks had clear vision for the first time in their lives.

Our goal in the village is not to just help them in their physical needs, but it is to help in their spiritual needs. They don't yet know that spiritually they are totally blind - they have no true understanding of life or their destiny. Our hope is that one day we will see a church here in our village with folks that know clearly the hope they have in the Lord. Please be a part of our ministry here and pray for these folk's eyes to be opened to God's truths.

Prayer Requests:
-Safety as we travel back to the states in April
-Encouraging time with family, friends and churches
-Adjustment to being back in the states - for all of us
-Adjustment for Camilla as she attends Jackson Bible Inst.
-The Shumachers being in the village alone during our furlough time
-Increased prayers and support-currently 40% supported

Thank you so much for your prayers and support,
Daniel, Laurie, Camilla and Hannah Fuller

February 17, 2011

Dear Partners,

It was not my desire to bring this kind of attention to our school but when the young man fired his gun outside our school a few weeks ago, the police were called and the news media came, all three stations, 2, 4 and 7. This is what happened. There is a young lady who came to us in the middle of last year, her brother already attended Westside and was on the football team. She was pregnant and we didn't know it at the time. We let her finish out the year and she had her baby in the Summer. She was in a bad relationship and got enough courage to break up with him, but he was not having it. The family already had to move because he had become violent towards her. A restraining order was filed. He set her house on fire thinking she still lived there. A few weeks ago this young man along with a friend, decided to come up to the school because she wouldn't answer his calls and he didn't know where she moved to. Our front door was not locked and he made his way upstairs to our High School. He was met by our Dean of Discipline, Coach Day, and that's when he showed his gun. He did not pull it out but just wanted to show that he had one. By that time Coach Tarrant and Coach Day both were following him as he was searching for this young lady. The coaches were telling him he should not be in the building and that she was absent that day. He went into two classrooms and showed the gun in one of them. After he could not find her, he left, but while he was walking to the car he shot three times in the air in front of the building just outside my office. This is when I became aware of what was happening. I was in my office, meeting with a parent, and I heard the shots and looked but they ran off. I left to see if everyone was alright. The news media called pretty quickly. I gave a statement over the phone,  but once one found out the other stations started coming to the school. At the request of the staff, I went out to greet them and give a statement. I was very thankful to the Lord that no one was hurt. It made giving a statement a little easier. I humbly and soberly told them exactly what happened. Our staff made their statements to the police, the young man was caught by U.S. Marshall's that night and will be in jail for a long time.  We, of course, after 17 years of safety are now raising money for cameras and an intercom system. We will have a security table at the door as well. For now, the doors are always locked and we have a buzzer at the door to let people in. We are back to normal with myself at the door greeting children as they come to school. Whew!

Not too long after that we had a small fired in the school kitchen. One of our convection ovens had an electrical fire. We are looking to that that replaced. Whew!

Here is a Yeah! A young man came to our school this year from U of D Jesuit. His grandmother knew me when her children were in my youth group some 28 years ago. She is now giving us a chance to pour into his life. He played football for us and is a great young man. I had a chance to share Christ with him and let him know that God wants him to know he has eternal life. I shared the gospel with him, asked him if it made sense and does he believe it...he said yes. Two minutes later he prayed to receive Christ right in the Principal's office. It is great when you can work with children but now, also the grandchildren. Praise the Lord! (Somebody's getting old.)

Another Yeah! This past week was Spiritual Life Week. Always a great time when staff and student leaders work together to help make a strong spiritual impact in the lives of fellow students. This year it looks like we will be graduating our largest class of seniors. Continue to pray for Westside and remember we are still here because you have made a sacrifice and have given. Your prayers and financial support are needed and necessary for us to continue. On behalf of the children and staff, we thank you!

Serving Christ Together,

Daryl Ounanian
Christian Urban Outreach
9540 Bramell
Detroit, MI 48239

Larry & Virgina Hubbard, Sr.
New Beginnings Prison Ministry
P.O. Box 338
Flat Rock, MI  48134

February 1, 2011

Dear Pastor and Fellow Laborers in Christ:

It is because of folks like you that have a part in the financial support of New Beginnings Prison Ministries, we are able to reach inmates for the Lord and then disciple them as well. Following are a few letters from the inmates expressing what they feel about the Bible Study Course that they are taking from us:
     "It is not easy trying to share the Word, let along get them to listen ... Many laugh & think that I have lost my mind and in all reality they are the ones losing out on the greatest gift ... eternal life. R.L." (inmate)

     "I was just sending a thoughtful blessing to say get well soon, and always continue to walk by faith, and keep God first because God knows best and He don't make mistakes. Until we learn to submit to God's will, we are always going to have a bump in the road. Continue to keep God  first, continue to pray, watch how sweet life gets...God bless you both, I love you with the blood of Jesus...Get Well Soon!  SRO J" (inmate)

     "it's nice to see your feeling well enough to return to help those with the 611* studies you send to us. Praise God for your return to help me as well as the others that you bless with your time.
May God bless you and your ministry." (inmate)

Our Bible Correspondence Course has grown to over 2000 men and women involved that are incarcerated throughout the United States. The only text book needed for doing the study is the King James Bible.

We covet your faithful prayers and financial support, for that is what keeps this Ministry going. Thank you and God bless.

Larry and Virginia Hubbard, Sr.

From Daryl & Paula Ounanian
Christian Urban Outreach
9540 Bramell, Detroit, MI  49239

Jan. 30, 2011

Dear Grace Bible,

I just got off the phone with one of the Westside Christian Academy board members who told me the struggles he is having in his small business and he went on to say that the pressure can be so great that it tests your Christianity!  I told him that I understand and I can relate to it. When those tests come (and they do come) we have to stop and think "What am I in this for?"  Just as I was asking myself that very question, three of the answers walked into my office.  It was three young men who are recent graduates of Westside and now attend Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO., including our school Salutatorian. Each of them come back to visit the school that helped change their lives forever.  I understand, I would come back and visit the place that was like a home to me too. It's an awesome thing and that's why we as staff continue to press on and why your support is a great investment. Helping young men and women attend college that may have never gone and some who may not have graduated from High School.  Thank you so much for your donation, your investment in the lives of young people.

Serving Christ Together,

Daryl and Paula Ounanian

Dan and Laurie Fuller,
Hannah & Camilla
New Tribes Mission

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