Mar 31, 2012

Ladies Breakfast

Amazing Grace Ladies Breakfast

Saturday, April 21 @ 9:00 a.m.
All Ladied Invited & Invited to Bring a Friend.

Little Daddy's Restaurant
on Eureka Rd., in Taylor

Come and enjoy this time of food & fellowship.

Questions? Please contact Marianne Ashby

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mar 25, 2012

In God's Hospital

In God's Hospital

"We are all invalids in God's hospital. In moral and spiritual terms we are all  sick and damaged, diseased and deformed, scarred and sore, lame and lopsided, to a far, far greater extent than we realize. Under God's care we are getting better, but we are not yet well. The modern Christian likes to dwell on present blessings rather than future prospects. Modern Christians egg each other on to testify that where once we were blind, deaf, and indeed dead so far as God was concerned, now through Christ we have been brought to life, radically transformed, and blessed with spiritual health. Thank God, there is real truth in that. But spiritual health means being holy and whole. To the extent that we fall short of being holy and whole, we are not fully healthy either.

Christians today can imagine themselves to be strong, healthy, and holy when, in fact, they are actually weak, sick, and sinful in ways that are noticeable not just to their heavenly Father, but also to their fellow believers. Pride and complacency, however, blind us to this reality. We decline to be told that when we are slipping; thinking we stand, we set ourselves up to fall, and predictably, alas, we do fall.

In good hospitals, patients receive regular curative treatment as well as constant care, and the treatment determines in a direct way the form that the care will take. In God's hospital the course of treatment that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the permanent medical staff (if I dare so to speak), are giving to each of us with a view to our final restoration to the fullness of the divine image, is called sanctification. It is a process that includes on the one hand medication and diet (in the form of biblical instruction and admonition coming in various ways to the heart), and on the other hand tests and exercises (in the form of internal and external pressures, providentially ordered, to which we have to make active response). The process goes on as long as we are in this world, which is something that God decides in each case.

Like patients in any ordinary hospital, we are impatient for recovery. The question that forms the title of Lane Adams' wonderful little book on God's sanctifying therapy, How Come It's Taking Me So Long to Get Better?, is often our heart-cry to God. The truth is that God knows what he is doing, but sometimes, for reasons connected with the maturity and ministry that he has in view for us, he makes haste slowly. That is something we have to learn humbly to accept. We are in a hurry, he is not."

---J.I. Packer; Rediscovering Holiness, pp. 40-42

Bulletins, Sunday, March 25, 2012