Downriver Cruise, 2011 and 2013

Volunteers at the 2013 Downriver Cruise
 ~A special Thank You to our photographer, Joel Ashby~

James & Donny

Marianne & Richard


Donny & Bill

Bill, Richard and Barbara

Richard & Bob

Richard & Bob talking with someone in a very nice older car!

James and a friend, looking at the cars

James and friend

Donny, Barbara and James

Marianne, Nancy, Camilla, Bob and Richard


Bill, Nancy and Artie
Photos of those who volunteered at this year's cruise, 2011

Bill Woelk and his daughter Barbara

Marianne Ashby and Nancy Connell and Penny

Pastor Bill Connell and Bill Wilkins

Bill Wilkins, Pastor Bill Connell, Joann Bowman and Artie Wilkins

Pastor Bill Connell

Barbara Woelk handing out water and tracts

Russ Forth

Bob and Camilla McKee

Barbara Woelk and Marianne Ashby
Bill Woelk and Bill Wilkins

Barbara Woelk

Sam Plaza, Sarah Plaza, Craig McGlassion  and Sandy McGlassion;
Nancy Connell  and Artie Wilkins

Bill Woelk