Nov 26, 2014

I Know You

(photo by smileyhaiku)

I know you …..
I recognize the lump that is in my throat when I hear your name and recall what you gave for me.
I recall the tears that brim my eyes when I am reminded of your peace.

I know you …..
I’m familiar with that overwhelming feeling that sometimes invades my heart
And makes it nearly leap from my chest with the realization that you love me.

I know you …..
I trust the hand I feel in mine, leading me at times when I cannot see the path before me.
I remember that you know my beginning from my end and no matter how dark seems the night….. you are the light.

I know you …..
I know you in my spirit when songs of you fill the air and my lips can’t help but sing.
I feel you when the sun warms my face on a cool day and when the bitter chill of winter brings the hope of new beginnings.

I know you …..
I see you in every sunrise in the morning and every sunset that paints the sky at dusk.
I hear you in every forest and rushing stream.

I know you ……
Your colors paint the trees like only the master painter can.
Your smells sweeten the air like honeysuckle in spring.

I know you ….
Only you can wound me for my good, so deeply that I must look up.
Only you can bind me up and make me better than ever before.

I know you ….
Your hands touch my head and calm my heart.
Your arms hide me and protect when the storms rage around me.

I know you …..
The one who brings life from a seed and causes the dumb to speak and the lame to walk.
The one who is a Father to the fatherless and loves me without limits.

I know you …..
You’re the one, the great I Am, the prince of peace, my everlasting Father!
My corrector, protector, provider and friend.

I know you …..
I know you …..
Praise God ….. I know you!

 Written by Debbie Ritchie Wicker -11/26/2014

Westside Christian Academy, Nov. 2014

Nov 24, 2014

Alistair Begg

"When people begin wrong
in their worship, they will
end wrong in their lives."
Alistair Begg

Nov 4, 2014

Amazing Grace Ladies Breakfast

It's that time again!
Amazing Grace Ladies Breakfast
Saturday, Nov. 8 @ 9:30
Little Daddy's Restaurant
22250 Eureka Road, Taylor
~All Ladies Invited~
~Bring a friend~

Nov 3, 2014

Spurgeon Quote

"Prayer is the never-failing response of
the Christian in any case,
every plight."
Charles Spurgeon

Nov 2, 2014

Jesus Is King

Jesus Is King
In Martin Luther's hymn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," the great Reformer penned these memorable words: "The Prince of Darkness grim, we tremble not for him, his rage we can endure, for lo, his doom is sure, one little word shall fell him." One little word. One little word is all that stands between Satan and his complete destruction.
     Satan may rule as prince in this world, but his reign is fragile. He can reign only as long as the King permits. We see a powerful glimpse of his fragile power in one of Jesus' greatest miracles.
     Jesus and His disciples have sailed across the Sea of Galilee and landed on the far shore. They have arrived at a place inhabited by one of the most pathetic and tragic figures we could ever imagine - a man oppressed by not only one demon, but an entire legion of them. He has been driven far beyond the brink of insanity. He lives in the tombs outside the town. He runs naked through the hills, crying out in agony, bashing and bruising himself with rocks, attacking anyone who passes by. Chains cannot hold him; friends and family cannot restrain him. He is under the full control of the powerful Prince of Darkness.
     And then Jesus arrives. The very moment Jesus sets foot on the shore, this man comes running. He comes running, naked and bleeding and unkempt, and falls down at Jesus' feet. He falls down in submission, in terror. One of those demons cries out and says, "What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I adjure you by God, do not torment me." And just like that, the tables have turned. The powerful demons are quaking in fear of One infinitely more powerful.
     I recently taught this story to children and told them this: Imagine you are outside playing when the neighborhood bully comes your way. He walks up to you, shakes his fist in your face, and says, "I am going to pound you." You know he is too strong for you, so you grit our teeth and prepare to get hurt. But then suddenly his eyes grow wide, his expression changes - is it fear? - and a bead of sweat trickles down his face. He raises his hands in surrender, backs away, turns around, and runs.
     What happened? You turn around. and just a little bit behind you, you see your dad. He is marching toward you and toward that bully. He is rolling up his sleeves. He is coming to your defense. That bully is powerless in the presence of someone much stronger than he is.
     And this is exactly the situation we find here. The demons, who had held such power over this man, are utterly powerless in the presence of Jesus. With a word, just one little word, He drives them from that man, He sends them into a herd of pigs, and they are destroyed. And He does it all to prove this: Satan may be the prince of this world, but Jesus is the King.
by Tim Challies, who is author of the blog and a pastor in Toronto. He is also author of The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment and The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion.
This article was taken from Tabletalk Magazine, November, 2014

The Lord's Day, November 2, 2014